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Frequently Asked Questions

How to request an order online?

After registration on our site https://aya-express.eu/ you will receive your personal addresses in Belgium and Germany town Arzfeld 54687 (GER) and personal number (ID number AYA:000000BE/DE). At these addresses you can now receive your shipments purchased online or just shipments from your partners and relatives, you need to fill in your details and the address in a specific way indicated on our site, after which you need to register your shipment from your account on our site (account-administrative panel). After arrival of your shipments at the specified address in Belgium and Germany, we process, sort and transport them to our depot in Plovdiv – Bulgaria.

Why do we need an address in Belgium - Germany?

Because not all sites/on-line stores and portals in Belgium- Germany offer delivery of purchased goods to Bulgaria or if they deliver, the delivery is significantly more expensive than the service we offer!

Due to the huge offering of goods from manufacturers and retailers in Western Europe online in sites and portals, such as: www.amazon.de , www.ebay.de , www.zalando.de and www.zentrada.de you can find much better prices on the same goods offered by retailers in Bulgaria, goods which you can address to your addresses in Belgium and Germany and to save from your purchases!

What should I do in order to purchase an item I have selected in an online store and to have it delivered to my address in Belgium - Germany?

You should select a reputable online store (here are some examples) before paying for the item you have selected, fill in your first and last name using the Latin alphabet and your personal number (ID number AYA:03690BE/DE), as we have instructed, specify the address received from us in Belgium or Germany. (in your account on our site from the administration panel from the “My addresses” menu

Is it mandatory to register my shipments on https://aya-express.eu/ and to enter the tracking number?

Yes, it is mandatory to register your shipments, as well as the tracking number in order for us to be able to notify you regarding their status and for them to be processed more quickly.

If you do not register the shipment and the tracking number  https://aya-express.eu/ does not assume responsibility for the shipment.

After I have purchased a desired item from an online store, how long will it take to deliver it to my specified address in Belgium - Germany?

The delivery period depends on the courier service which you have chosen. (between 3 – 5 days).

After your shipment arrives at the address in Belgium-Germany, you will receive an e-mail with details about your shipment after processing, a photo file of the shipment and its waybill, weight and amount due.

The delivery period to the Republic of Bulgaria is 4 business days from the date of the delivery course (see schedule).

Do you employees have the right to open received online shipments?

No, unless the client request to do so using the form in his/her account which authorizes us to open a specific shipment, and in cases when our employees cannot determine the recipient from the waybill label!

Can I order items online from other countries outside the European Union (China, USA) and have them delivered to the address in Belgium - Germany?

Yes, you can order goods from any part of the world. If when you shipment arrives at the address in the town of Arzfeld (GER) it turns out that it is subject to customs fees, the courier company will have to notify you by e-mail, otherwise you will have to check on their site by tracking the shipment using the tracking number, which was sent by the seller after handing the shipment to the courier.

Do you issue invoices?

Yes, invoices are issued when requested by you, for natural persons all invoices and receipts are sent to the e-mail addresses of the clients and in the administration panel on our site under payments made.

When shopping from an online store it is necessary to specify a phone number. What number should I provide?

You can use our business phone number:

BE: +359 885 777 074
GER:+359 885 777 074

Are shipments insured during transportation?

Yes, all shipments are insured based on the  Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) up to 50 BGN for each shipment. The amount is determined based on the transportation fee 2.88 BGN/kg from Belgium and Germany. There is an option for additional insurance of your shipment for a fee from your personal account – in the administration panel when registering your order!

If the shipment has a higher value, can I get additional insurance for it?

Yes, you can get additional insurance for your shipment. In this case the shipment has to be registered and to enter its value. The additional insurance is not valid, unless the shipment is registered on our site https://aya-express.eu/

Is it mandatory to register my shipments on https://aya-express.eu/ and to enter the tracking number?

Yes, it is mandatory to register your shipments, as well as the tracking number in order for us to be able to notify you regarding their status and for them to be processed more quickly.

If you do not register the shipment and the tracking number  https://aya-express.eu/ does not assume responsibility for the shipment.

How can I find the tracking number of the shipment?

Tracking numbers are sent at a later stage after the transaction from the seller-sites, usually it is sent to the e-mail of the buyer after the shipment has been handed to the courier in Belgium-Germany. If they fail to do so, you should request that they provide it to you. You can always add it to the registration of your order from your account-Administration panel on our site by editing and adding information related to your shipment.

If my shipment arrives at the address in bulk or with damaged packaging and is damaged, what is the procedure followed by your employees? Will they take care of its packaging?

If the condition of your shipment is visibly damaged, it is possible that our employees may not accept the shipment, if there is damage to the packaging it is possible that an employee of https://aya-express.eu/ may contact the client and to request additional instructions for packaging and repackaging of your items (see rates).

Do you offer the option to pick up and payment of the shipment from address in Belgium - Germany?

No, we do not offer such option yet. If you have shipments or larger volume cargo for pick up from an address, we ask that make an inquiry so that we can provide you with a quote!

How are volume shipments charged?

All shipments under 10 kg and with length more than 63 cm are charged using the formula Length X Width X Height in cm. / ÷12000. The resulting number is the actual kilograms, the fee to be paid is on the larger of the volume and actual weight of the shipment. Our coefficient of 12000 is twice more advantageous compared to other couriers in the country!

Is the shipment charged warehouse charges and after how many days are such charges charged?

If the shipment(s) is not received by the recipient or authorized representative of the recipient within 7 business days of the announced date of the delivery course and after receiving a notification e-mail, each shipment shall be charged 3 BGN/day automatically.

What is the procedure if my shipment arrives at the address without a name or ID number?

An employee of https://aya-express.eu/ takes a photograph of the received shipment and uploads it into the section “Shipments with no name and ID“, which is located in each client’s account. There the shipment can be identified by you by the waybill (tracking number) and you can make a direct inquiry to us.

What happens to unclaimed shipments?

All unclaimed shipments are stored for 90 days from the date of the delivery course. If their owner do not claim them before expiration of the 90-day period, the shipments are destroyed.

Can I return a shipment if I receive it with a defect or with a wrong size from the seller/site, do you offer return service?

Yes, we offer this service. For a shipment up to 10 kg, the rate is 20.00 BGN 

The service is paid in advance in our office or by bank transfer. All shipments have a return period to the sites/seller, and you should make sure that you can comply with it (see schedule -Bulgaria – Germany).
 Usually the product comes with a return label. After arrival of the shipment at an office in Belgium or Arzfeld (DE), we can deliver it to a local post office (parcel +) free of charge. If it is with another courier, you can request pick up from address in Belgium or Arzfeld (DE).

My shipment is delayed more than expected. What is the reason?

Contact us at the specified contact e-mail address and provide your first and last name and ID, so that we can check and provide you with more information.


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