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How it works

1Register on the platform

Register on the platform and receive a unique ID, which you will use for shopping

Register on https://aya-express.eu/ (only registered users can use our services)!

  • Fill in your names in Cyrillic and Latin alphabet as they appear in your personal ID documents, enter a valid e-mail address and mobile phone number for contact (00359*********).
  • After you complete the registration module and agree to the Terms and Condition for Use of our courier services, you will receive an e-mail for activating your account and personal ID number/ (AYA:******). You must click on the activation link for your account.
  • At the e-mail address you specified at registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail for successful activation of your account.

,,2Shop online from Germany and Belgium

Shop freely online and specify the addresses of our facilities for delivery

You can now shop from all sites in Germany/Belgium. After you proceed to payment of the product you selected, in the delivery field of the site of (Amazon, Ebay or another), fill in the address provided to you by https://aya-express.eu/,  as well as your personal ID number AYA: (Your ID number).

  • Germany:
    54687 Arzfeld, Luxemburgerstrasse 1-2, AYA: (Your ID number), Your name
  • Belgium:
    4000 Liege, Boulevard Ernest Solvay 535, AYA: (Your ID number), Your name

If the retailer/ site requires a telephone number, please enter the number listed below.

  • Germany:
    359 892 21 21 24
  • Belgium:
    359 892 21 21 24

Address and phone number for ordering from Germany:

Address and phone number for ordering from Belgium:

3 Register your order

Register you order at AYAExpress so that we can proceed with the delivery

When payment to the retailer/site is accepted, your shipment should be handed to a courier who will deliver it to our address in Germany/Belgium.

Register the shipment in your account at https://aya-express.eu/ using the  ”Register shipment” button. Fill in the empty fields in the registration module of the shipment following the steps. Specify your desired way of receiving your shipments.

  • Site origin
  • Short description of shipment
  • Reference No. of the transaction Invoice No.
  • Amount of the shipment
  • How many pieces and items make up your shipment
  • Tracking number and what courier service was used to send the shipment DHL, UPS, TNT, Hermes (tracking number) If you still have not received (tracking number) for the retailer/site, you can add it later by editing your shipment.

The most important thing is to enter the tracking number, as it will be used by an employee of https://aya-express.eu/ to mark properly the shipment registered by you (for each individual shipment a new registration is made).

  • It is up to you whether you want additional insurance if the shipment is of high value.

The https://aya-express.eu/ system automatically will generate a number of your order, which you can use to track it on our site.

4Receive your shipment securely

After your shipment arrives in our facilities we will deliver it to you within a few days

  • When your shipment is delivered at your/our address in Germany/Belgium, you will receive an e-mail with a photo of the shipment, weight of the shipment and the route to Bulgaria.
  • https://aya-express.eu/ will inform you about your shipment’s progress with e-mail, SMS messages, as well as with messages in your account.


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