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Prohibited Goods

  • Goods of special value, in particular precious metals, genuine jewelry, precious stones, genuine pearls, antiques, works of art without origin documentation;
  • money, certificates, promissory notes, documents, collaterals, and other objects of monetary value(credit, cheque, telephone cards or similar, policies and order entries, securities, documents of company shares, as well as any other documents on paper or other media conferring right to payment);
  • Vouchers and access tickets with value higher than 520 euro per one package;
  • Furs, carpets, watches, other jewelry and leather goods with value per item higher than 520 euro per one package;
  • Any other goods with value higher than 13,000 euro per one package;
  • Items whose content, external appearance or shipment contravene the law;
  • Weapons, explosives, illegal drug substances,
  • Ammunitions, gas, highly flammable items, radioactive, contagious or corrosive
  • substances, psychotropic, deleterious and poisonous substances;
  • Items which, by their nature or by the way they are packaged could endanger the persons, who transport or carry them or the environment or could endanger the security of the vehicles used to transport them or could cause damages to other shipments being transported, to vehicles or third parties;
  • Perishable goods, live or dead animals;
  • Animal furs, materials for medical or biological examinations, medical waste, human remains, body parts or organs;
  • Items whose export or import is prohibited or requires special approvals in accordance with the regulations of the legislation of the respective country of shipment, passage or delivery;
  • Any items classified as hazardous by national and international regulations (for example these of IATA);
  • Alcoholic substances which are not suitable for consumption, perishable plants and goods, as well as any items whose import is prohibited in the country of destination;
  • Items which are obscene or contrary to moral norms, as well as religious materials of banned or unregistered sects and organizations.


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